LED Photofacials

LED technology addresses many different skin conditions at once (a series of 6 treatments are recommended for best results). LED light encourages collagen production, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, minimizes puffiness, inflammation, redness and diminishes acne. It does not insight a wound response like lasers so you leave looking radiant with no downtime!

Safe and Gentle on Your Skin

There’s absolutely no pain or discomfort during treatment, no medical risk, and no recovery time. Why? Unlike many other treatments – like IPL (Intense Pulsed Light laser), microdermabrasion and chemical peels – there is no initial ‘controlled damage’ done to your skin. Long recognized by European dermatologists, LED light therapy technology is FDA-approved as safe. It’s one of the latest and most advanced anti-aging treatments to look younger and better without surgery.

Studies show that skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster. Therefore, as LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, it also promotes the healing of wounds, scars and burns. This happens because skin has a high blood and water content, so it quickly absorbs red light to produce enough energy to cause a healing response from the body.

NASA uses LED therapy to treat muscle and bone atrophy and decreased healing of wounds in astronauts. The US Navy also uses LED therapy on deep sea submarines. LED therapy is advancing the treatment of chemotherapy side effects such as severe mouth sores and lesions.

LED is best when done in a series of 6 treatments, twice weekly for three weeks. It’s like working out, you have to do it frequently until you get the results you desire. Once you are there, you can then do maintenance sessions once every 3 – 6 weeks.

Series of 6 – (One free w/ purchase of 5) $300
Stand Alone Treatment-30 min $75
Upgrade any facial $40

Christine Byer Esthetics
 5835 Brockton Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 891-5424


3 Responses to LED Photofacials

  1. Susan Danglard says:

    I’m in Indy tomorrow morning for a few hours do you have any avail for a microcurrent facial ?
    Thank you

    • Susan,
      Sorry it didn’t work out this time. It’s amazing that nobody in San Diego does Microcurrent and LED together the way I do here in Indianapolis. Maybe you were referring to my technique? Definately next time you’ll get your treatment!

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