For Estheticians: Consultation

60 minute Online/Telephone Consultation for Estheticians

Online consultation for new and seasoned Esties alike who have questions about the esthetics business. We answer questions about business, equipment, pricing, menu items or whatever is on your esty mind.  Session costs $75 for 60 minutes.



Christine Byer Esthetics
5835 Brockton Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 891-5424


5 Responses to For Estheticians: Consultation

  1. Rain says:

    Christine, I love your YouTube videos! Thank you! Help I need some advice on purchasing the right MC machine. My options are a 7year used Jade Unit, New Skin for Life or New BT Bio Platinum. Any thoughts? And once I get it, I’d love some training with you. Thanks! Or do you have another machine in mind for a newbie to MC?…

    • Chandra, the choice of a Microcurrent machine is very personal. You have to decide what machine fits your business. Talk more about who and what you will be working on, for example face and body etc

      • Rain says:

        Wow thanks for getting back with me. It would be 100% face. I work for myself and have an established clientele base of mostly professional women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I’m in Los Angeles and most my clients get my signature organic and/or Oxygen facials. I really want to expand my base and offer more innovative treatments. 2 years ago a rep from a company got me into doing stem cell facials and suggested I buy a MC machine and gave me the link. It was a cheap $200 or $300 machine from Ebay which now that I’ve learned more, I don’t believe to be true MC and do not want to use it as I feel it would be unethical. I also do energy work and my fascination with the Jade machine is the use of gemstone with the Microcurrent….it just sounds so beautiful. I wish you came to LA for trainings! Thanks so much.. Rain Chandra.
        ps my current clients love my facials so in learning MC I have the intention of acquiring new clients who have a desire in the benefits of MC…but who knows what may happen! 🙂

  2. Hi Rain, perhaps you need a consultation before you choose your machine. The link is here
    That way we can really answer all your mc questions about all the ways I use mc in my practice, pricing structures and all the intricacies of the machines you are considering.

  3. Allison says:

    Hi Christine can you please contact me as I would like to set up a consultation. Love your videos!!

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