Indy Esthetician and Microcurrent Pro Update

Some products from image Skincare's Vital C line

Some products from image Skincare’s Vital C line

Indy Esthetician and Microcurrent Pro Update: Ok, I’m such a goof! I’ve been doing lots of Dot Matrix Radio Frequency treatments to myself and although my skin was looking better, it looked a bit lackluster.

I recently read an article that said the average American diet, no matter how healthy, was found to be deficient in vitamin B complex, C, D and magnesium.  A bell rang in my head saying “you forgot your vitamin C!” And it’s true, I had run out of my Image Hydrating Anti Aging Serum (a best seller that packs in THREE types of highly absorbable and effective vitamin C).

I put it on that night and viola! The next morning my wattle was back UP there and the rest of my skin, especially my cheek area (where we start to lose volume at my, eh hum, “advanced” age of 45) was fuller and less dry looking. If you don’t have some form of vitamin C in your skincare routine (I’m talking to you, Nerium users) RUN, don’t walk to buy Image’s Vital C Serum, Creme or Intense Creme. You WILL notice a difference right away.

Lesson learned:  Vitamin C plays a HUGE role in collagen synthesis.  Without it, your skin will not thrive!!!

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“Best facial / Microcurrent yet.  I looked like I had Botox. You really hammered out the wrinkle on my forehead.”
Posted by Gaye Mueller, client for over 1 year

“My face looks soooo good! I look like I got a facelift! Yeh!”   Posted by Jenny Castri

“I highly recommend Christine’s services, she is a master of her work. If you are looking for great results at a reasonable cost, call Christine for all your beauty needs. She really knows what she is talking about and customizes her services to fit your needs.” Posted by Holly Park

“Christine created a sweet and professional atmosphere to welcome her clients, uses 100% natural products. My skin improved 100% within 3 days after my first visit, my skin looks healthy and cleaned, wrinkles disappeared, and even tiny stains I had are gone!” Posted by lily_apple

“Christine is top in her field. A visit to her at her salon is always on the top of my list!” Posted by Deb Dahlberg Rowland

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